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Flash Announces Unbeatable Concert Packages #UAE @thinkflash
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UAE Echelon misses @30secondstomars @jaredleto @ShannonLeto @tomofromearth <3 hope to see us on the tour list *hint hint* @ThinkFlash
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so many starts visiting AD these few coming months! #sting #AndreaBoceli #GunsandRoses #Metallica check out their details on @ThinkFlash!
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Madhoun's Magazine is out! ▸ Top stories today via @noopwanii @Nawaf_AE @ThinkFlash
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"Master of Puppets" was released in Feb '86, 2 years before my birth. Who knew 27 years later I will get to see @Metallica live! @ThinkFlash
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@thinkflash follow me so i can DM you alternate email addys
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@jtimberlake just came to abu dhabi UAE for one Show #LegendsOfTheSummer @ThinkFlash