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About the Event

Flash Entertainment presents Yas Island Muay Thai Championship Brought to you by Emirates Healthcare, The Inaugural Yas Island Muay Thai Championship Set to Enthrall Fans.

In a unique double-header, the Yas Island Muay Thai Championship will pit Youssef Boughanem (Morocco) against Jake Purdy (United Kingdom) and Somchai Lueamlam (Thailand) against Jack Kennedy (UK).

Supporting the main event are four thrilling undercard bouts:

Walter Gonçalves (Brazil) vs Pedro Ruiz (Spain); Jussi Santalahti (Finland) vs Fernando Groenhart (the Netherlands); Salimkhan Ibragimov (Russia) vs Jose Manuel Hita Rodriguez (Spain); and Ilyass Chakir (Morocco) vs Nicolas Mendes (Senegal).

Often referred to as the ‘art of eight limbs,’ it is characterised by the combined use of fists, elbows, knees, and shins. Five judges sit for each fight to score both offensive and defensive point decisions. Bouts are divided into rounds with a time limit ranging from between two to three minutes per round with 2 minute rest between rounds. Safety is the most important aspect of Muay Thai with fighters wearing protective equipment and receiving a medical check-up before and after every fight.

Hosting Yas Island Muay Thai Championship complements the Capital’s efforts to promote cultural diversity in the emirate through all means possible, including sports and other competitions. The government has, thus, put in place overarching sports programmes to encourage not only physical development but also the values of camaraderie, unity, and tolerance in local society.

Tickets for the event start at AED 50. Click here for more information.


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