Meet the
Flash team

It takes courage to break new ground, event after event. This creative spirit is the defining characteristic of our senior management. With a team of thought leaders at the helm, it is no doubt that we do our jobs with passion and commitment. Every single member of the team at FLASH is equally responsible for the successful events we create.

Sandra Gibbons Project Associate
Kylie Rennex Ticketing Manager
Agata Holc Projects Manager
Marwan Khleif Projects Manager
Elham Al Marzooqi Legal Counsel
Harry Dhami Senior Accountant
Elvira Monera Marketing Assistant
Hanna Abu Ata Project Administrator
Alaa Alistwany Senior ICT Associate
Jean Hanna Senior Food & Beverage Associate
Khulood AlAbdulah Senior HR Associate
Juliet Garcia Accountant
Amjad Al Kaissy Operations Associate
Jihanne Skaff Commercial Associate
Rebecca Nunnen Project Associate
Wafaa Al Ameri HR Associate
Khalid Walid Project Associate
Akshay Narula Contract Specialist
Mohamed Ali Office Assistant
Ritchie Pulido Office Assistant
Sufa Mustafa Driver
John Lickrish Chief Executive Officer
Andrew Cooke VP Strategy, General Counsel
Nabih Bouery VP Finance
Alexis Dijksterhuis VP Strategic Planning & New Business
Lizzy Johnson VP Marketing and Communications
Haidar Shukri VP Operations
Antoine Gholmieh VP Projects
Hassan Hantoush Al- Ali VP Human Resources
Ted Major Director - Commercial Sponsorship
Naji Al Mansouri PRO - Government Affairs
Tisiana Cavarzan Financial Controller
Taylor Agisim Senior New Business Development Manager
Elie Daoud Senior Marketing Manager
Abdulla Al Shammari Senior Business Development Manager
Tamer Elwan Senior Project Manager
Salem Al Sulaimani Senior Operations Manager
Fadi Halawa Senior Hospitality Manager
Glen Impey Creative Director
Nehal Khayat Accounting Consultant
Haifa Al Shekaili Business Development Manager
Jason Johnson Talent Manager

50 Members
18 Countries

We’re proud of the close-knit tapestry of talent, culture and human connection that we’ve built over the past decade.


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